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24 јануар 2019, 06:32

Bono: Western world risks losing the fight against HIV

Bono: Western world risks losing the fight against HIV - slika 1

Speaking at a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, well-known musician and founder of the foundation for fighting AIDS, Bono said that the world risks losing the fight against HIV infection due to inadequate assessment of their steps by governments of developed countries. According to him, the heads of state formed the opinion that it is necessary to solve problems with the virus only in their own countries.

“We can lose this fight,” said the singer, “We won [However] after the successes of the“ northern economies ”we lost vigilance […]

“While there are people in our cities on the streets,” Bono explained the position of the “rich”, “why should we be concerned about what is happening somewhere?”

“The fact is that everything that happens“ there ”affects us,” says the musician, “If Africa loses, Europe will not be able to win [...].”

According to the U2 leader, the reluctance and inability of Western governments to invest in Africa can have disastrous consequences.


Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christina Lagarde, who also spoke in Davos, said that it is simply impossible to mobilize enough resources in poor countries to achieve the main development goals of sectors such as health, education, transport, etc.

Achieving the UN's sustainable development goals by 2030 will require additional investments in the amount of 15% of the GDP of low-income countries.

According to Lagarde, this is a fundamental task, and it cannot be achieved only by mobilizing domestic resources.

The achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the period up to 2030, according to the IMF, will require strong partnerships between the public and private sector, the support of donors, philanthropists and international financial institutions.

Countries, in turn, need to take the initiative, improve the efficiency of economic management, tax collection and government spending, and create a favorable business environment.

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