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13 September 2017, 09:45

"The Berlin patient" Told His Lifestory

"The Berlin patient" Told His Lifestory - Bild 1

Timothy Brown known as the "Berlin patient." told his wonderful lifestory at the XIX International AIDS Conference, which takes place in Washington and lasts until this Friday. His cure from HIV is a unique case in medicine. Timothy Brown and Dr. Gutter told their story of "miraculous healing."

“I have had two life sentences,” 51-year-old Brown told his audience. “I was infected with HIV when the only treatment was AZT. Then I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. “50% of stem-cell transplant patients die and I did not want to die. My partner at the time thought that my ARVs might interfere with the transplant so he persuaded me to stop them. He thought he was some kind of a doctor but he was a physical therapist. The doctors even did a brain biopsy on me. They said they were looking for the leukaemia but of course they were looking for HIV because the brain is one of the places where HIV hides.

In 1995, Timothy Brown learned about his positive HIV status. He courageously accepted this news, but after ten years he was waiting for a new blow to fate - in 2006, Brown was diagnosed with leukemia.

Brown met doctor Gutter when the doctor was looking for a bone marrow donor for Brown with mutated cells capable of resisting the immunodeficiency virus. Such a genetic mutation is found only in 0.3% of the world's population, and more specifically, in the white population living in the Nordic region near the Baltic Sea.

Such a donor was found, and in 2007 Timati successfully transferred two bone marrow transplant operations. After that, Brown recovered from leukemia, and then, less than two years later he won and HIV - in Brown's blood there are no signs of the presence of an immunodeficiency virus since 2007 - it is an unprecedented case in the history of medicine that gives hope to scientists to find a medicine that can cure HIV .

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