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16 Mai 2017, 07:11

PrEP Program Started In San-Francisco: 3 New Clinics

PrEP Program Started In San-Francisco: 3 New Clinics - Bild 1

Three local clinics of San-Francisco provide young men aged from 12 to 24 with PrEP. The service stimulated the interest of the young generation to PrEP.

Doctors and activists note that the young generation is informed about HIV and the ways of its prevention less than the other age groups, that’s why it is crucial to expanding youngsters knowledge about HIV, PrEP, and all the other significant things, connected with HIV-infection.
Young men can have a consultation with a doctor in the clinics which take part in the PrEP program. First of all, youngsters should know more about PrEP: why is it needed, how in works, measures you shout take while using PrEP, how many times you should intake your drugs and many other questions, which undoubtedly would appear to the young generation. Doctors are always ready to help their patients - the majority of the patients have their treating doctor’s phone number. Communication between the physician and the patient helps new PrEP users to fill themselves more confident and sure, this fact makes doctor-patient relationship closer. PrEP appears to be the first drug for many young people who decided to start the usage of PrEP which should be taken regularly. Another kind of responsibility is needed that’s why communication between the doctor and the patient should be estimated at the appropriate level.

Another significant part of PrEP-program is its anonymity. In the most stated of the USA people under 18 years are on their parent’s insurance. Fear of being not understood and discriminated stop young people from in taking PrEP. PrEP program is also dedicated to helping the young generation to know their rights, how to limit a list of individuals who would cooperate with his health data.

So the main aim of the PrEP program is to make everybody, especially the young generation, know the rights they have in their healthcare system.

Autor: Lilia Ten

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