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25 Juli 2017, 15:32

New Guidance Recommends To Start Therapy in One Week After the Diagnosis Confirmation

New Guidance Recommends To Start Therapy in One Week After the Diagnosis Confirmation - Bild 1

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the new guideline  on the opening day of the 9th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science in Paris, where the WHO has recommended to start treatment for HIV within a week after the diagnosis is approved.

The haitian research, represented at the last year AIDS conference inspired the WHO on the new guideline. The study had shown that patients, who have started HIV treatment right after the diagnosis approval seemed to have an undetectable viral load one year after the treatment’s start.

On the conference of this year the study conducted in Uganda had shown that the patients who had started HIV treatment immediately after being diagnosed, attend the medical facilities irregularly, some of them stop their follow-ups at all.

Specialists concluded that all the doubts and suspicions, side effects should be taken into account before the rapid treatment start. A common thread in the findings of this study is the role that community awareness of ART, and of people doing well on treatment, is likely to have on people’s readiness to accept the idea of immediate treatment at diagnosis. Is individual treatment readiness a consequence of a community’s preparedness for HIV treatment, and will rapid ART initiation depend on the success of efforts to educate communities in advance of diagnosis about the benefits of antiretroviral treatment?  The patients couldn’t be separated those who are ready for the rapid start and those who are not; new researchers and studies are needed for more detailed statistics.

Autor*in: Olga Moiseeva

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