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31 Mai 2017, 15:34

How HIV Is Correlated With Lung Diseases?

How HIV Is Correlated With Lung Diseases? - Bild 1

People with HIV-positive status are more likely to have respiratory infections and diseases, even if they are on antiretroviral therapy (ART) and so, they have their viral load fully suppressed. 

Royal Free Hospital, situated in London, made a research to find out how HIV is correlated with serious respiratory health problems. HIV-positive and HIV-negative people took part in the research to find out that correlations.

A big amount of respiratory problems, like breathlessness, were found in the group of people with HIV-positive status. Breathlessness was registered at least on 20% more often by HIV-positive people, than by people without HIV.

Respiratory problems seem to be connected with the way of lungs functioning and depressions. After studying the both groups, it was found that factors like nationality, sex, smoking/non-smoking and other addictions didn’t have any significant influence on respiratory health and respiratory diseases.

However another research in California showed that habits like smoking, alcohol/drug addiction can develop pneumonia and than lung cancer by those living with HIV. These addictions also contribute to a higher lung cancer risk by HIV-positive people, and a low or suppressed viral load didn’t reduce the risk.

Viral load levels in these type of cases don’t matter much, because we see that HIV-positive people are more likely to have serious respiratory issues, like lung cancer. The grounds of these statistical data is quite important, especially for finding out why that correlation is occurring, and also to find out a better HIV-treatment.

Autor*in: Marina Shegay

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