Eines der Hauptziele von Life4me+ — ist neue Fälle von HIV und anderen STIs, Hepatitis C und Tuberkulose zu verhindern.

Die App hilft, eine Kommunikation zwischen Ärzten und HIV-positiven Menschen aufzubauen. Die App erlaubt Ihnen, einen Zeitplan für Ihre Medikamenteneinnahme bequem zu organisieren – dies geschieht über eine für Dritte nicht nachvollziehbare und personalisierte Erinnerung.

28 März 2018, 15:39

Grindr app will remind you about HIV testing

Grindr app will remind you about HIV testing - Bild 1

The world's largest dating application for gays and bisexual men will complement its software with reminders about the HIV tests, reports The New York Times.

Grindr, which is used by more than 3 million people around the world every day, expects to send users notifications about HIV testing every three to six months, simultaneously indicating the nearest testing point.

The company is taking a step toward "reduce HIV transmission and support our whole community — regardless of HIV status — in living long and fulfilling lives,” said Jack Harrison-Quintana, Grindr’s director for equality.

Dr. Jonathan Mermin, chief of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases at CDC, said that many men who use mobile applications to meet other men, have high potential risks of HIV infection.

According to the recommendations of CDC, sexually active gays should be tested for HIV at least once a year. Those who have the highest risk of infection, for example, regularly changing their sexual partners or not using condoms and not taking PrEP, are tested every three to six months.

According to Dr. Mermin, in the country more than 107 thousand gays have HIV-positive status, however, many of them, as a rule, learn about the infection only after 3 years from the moment of receiving the virus. During this time, he can transmit the virus to many of partners.

At the same time, a person who has been tested and started taking ART does not risk transmitting HIV.

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