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15 Juni 2017, 15:12

Deficiency of Vitamin A May Provoke Tuberculosis

Deficiency of Vitamin A May Provoke Tuberculosis - Bild 1

Scientists from Boston found a correlation between lack of Vitamin A and further TB, so that the Vitamin A deficiency could influence on TB risk increase. The conclusion is based on the data of blood analysis results from more than 6,000 household contacts of people diagnosed with TB in Lima, Peru. People who suffer from the lack of Vitamin A are about ten times likely to have TB disease in future than people with normal levels of Vitamin A.  All the study results are available in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal.  

Now the american researchers made it absolutely clear, that normal amount of Vitamin A affects positively on immune system and increased the chances to protect one’s health from many diseases and may ward off infection.

"If the link is affirmed in a clinical trial of Vitamin A supplementation, it would make a powerful case for using this approach to prevent TB in people at high risk of disease. It's exciting to think that something as simple and inexpensive as supplementing people's diets with vitamin A may be a powerful tool for preventing TB.” - commented Megan Murray, Professor at Harvard Medical School, at Boston in the US and senior author of the research.

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