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21 февраля 2014, 00:00

Cipla объявила о сотрудничестве с MSD по продвижению препарата "Ралтегравир" в Индии

Cipla объявила о сотрудничестве с MSD по продвижению препарата "Ралтегравир" в Индии - изображение 1

Drug multinational, MSD and domestic company Cipla announced the formation of an India-specific strategic partnership for a third-line HIV drug.

According to the partnership, Cipla will have a non-exclusive license to market, promote and distribute MSD's raltegravir 400 mg tablet, under a different brand name in India.

Access to treatment and patient centric approach are cornerstone to this partnership, with both companies expected to broaden reach of raltegravir in the domestic market. Access to raltegravir is important for patients who require it as part of third line salvage regimen where there are few options left.

Announcing the partnership, KG Ananthakrishnan, MD MSD India said, «We are proud to have entered into a strategic, India-specific partnership with Cipla. This partnership is aligned with our commitment towards patients in India and also addressing treatment challenges for high-risk patients by providing broader access to our innovative medicines and vaccines. It is a complementary partnership as MSD brings the research and scientific excellence for raltegravir, and Cipla brings their marketing excellence, significant reach among key clinician categories to drive product access».

Jaideep Gogtay, Chief Medical Officer, Cipla said «This partnership reinforces Cipla's ongoing commitment to HIV/AIDS treatment making life-saving drugs accessible. raltegravir, a third- line therapy treatment will be a value addition to Cipla's portfolio of HIV/AIDS treatment, especially for those patients who are resistant to the 1st and 2nd line therapy treatment. We anticipate this drug being available to patients from middle of this year.»

Автор: Лилия Тен

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