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11 September 2017, 09:33

The price for Truvada’s generic is cheaper at 10 times in Germany

The price for Truvada’s generic is cheaper at 10 times in Germany - picture 1

Appearance of the first generic ARV drug, "Truvada" from HEXAL on the German market was announced at the general meeting of the German Working Group of Physicians in HIV Infection (dagnä) . The approximate cost of a package of 28 tablets will not exceed 51 euros. The first generic "Truvada" may appear in pharmacies in Germany at the end of September.

HEXAL products will also be sold at some pharmacies in Düsseldorf, Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt am Main. Gradually, they will join other cities.

As Holger Wicht, spokesman for the organization, noted, Deutsche AIDS Hilfe welcomes the achieved decision: "This price reduction is a breakthrough. Now it is necessary to take further steps on the part of other participants to make PrEP accessible in all regions of the country. "

In the end of July, the ARV-drug company HEXAL received marketing authorization in Germany. He became the only one that was approved for both HIV therapy and PrEP.

The cost of one tablet of the drug will be only 10% of the original drug price - 1.82 euros.

Such a low cost of PrEP, in addition to the obvious economic benefit for the health care system (the treatment of the patient for life will cost 17 thousand euros per year, and the daily reception of PrEP - at 10 thousand), potentially able to prevent about 9 thousand HIV infections by the year 2030.

Author: Narek Karamyan

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