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31 August 2017, 15:02

Taking Dolutegravir in the Morning Can Prevent Insomnia

Taking Dolutegravir in the Morning Can Prevent Insomnia - picture 1

Italian doctors stated that insomnia after morning dolutegravir intake happens much less common. Insomnia is one of the side effects for dolutegravir drug, affecting at least one in hundred people taking this drug as antiretroviral therapy. Recent studies stated that insomnia as a side effect happens quite often to people taking dolutegravir, especially in people age 60 and older in combination with abacavir.

Scientists from Italy observed more than 1500 patients using dolutegravir  in clinics in northern Italy and Rome, since June 2014. Scientists published the results of their study in the journal HIV Medicine, where they reported that sleep problems disappeared in 52 patients who switched to the morning dolutegravir intake.

Author: Marina Shegay

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