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3 July 2017, 15:57

Rare Cancer Seen In 41 Homosexuals on the 3 July, 1981

Rare Cancer Seen In 41 Homosexuals on the 3 July, 1981 - picture 1

41 homosexuals were diagnosed with rare forms of cancer, lately determined as Kaposi’s Sarcoma. Some peculiarities were detected in the way  the symptoms appeared  and how fast 8 of 41 men died in two years, which was not typical for that illness.  All the 41 men were living in New York or in San-Francisco, their location made doctors to think about about the transmission of the disease in that area. Specialists begun to alert other doctors, working with homesexuals to start cancer therapy without any delays.

The average age of all 41 men were about 39 years, according to the medical reports, men  have had multiple and frequent sex  with different partners, approximately 10 sexual encounters each night up to four times a week. Many of the patients have passed treatment for different infections and used drugs to heighten sexual pleasure. Patients were not familiar with each other, however there was a possibility of their acquaintance as well as the possibility of exual contacts among the patient in the past.  

Some of the patients had serious malfunctions of T and B cells lymphocytes, which are quite significant in fighting infections and cancer. One of a possible link between past infection with cytomegalovirus and development of Kaposi's Sarcoma.

Author: Lilia Ten

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