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9 June 2017, 15:58

PrEP Was Reported to Influence Well On Health Among Gay Men

PrEP Was Reported to Influence Well On Health Among Gay Men - picture 1

Scientists from Seattle started a research on the way usage of PrEP influences on one’s health three years ago. First group included about 15 men - gays, bisexual and transgender of different nationalities and races. The researchers used a qualitative research method to find how Men from Seattle who have started to take PrEP as a preventive measure consider their physical and mental health after the therapy start.

Men, who took part in the research note the reasons why they have decided to use PrEP, like saving more sexual satisfaction, protection against HIV-infection and being closer to their partner. PrEP had a good impact on their mental health - men hadn’t feel themselves ashamed or unprotected, so that they became free of such psychological burden.

“Men using PrEP experienced the freedom to practise sex in ways that provided greater fulfilment emotionally, physically or otherwiseю Labelling these practices as evidence of risk compensation runs counter to how men explained what was happening.” - commented the results of the study  Kimberley Koester and colleagues in Culture, Health and Sexuality

Author: Lilia Ten

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