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16 May 2017, 10:26

New Type Of Vaginal Rings May Be Used As An HIV Preventative Care

New Type Of Vaginal Rings May Be Used As An HIV Preventative Care - picture 1

IPM, the nonprofit organization, announced new research last week. The research is dedicated to the new type of vaginal rings, which can be used not only as a contraceptive but also as a component of HIV-preventative care. Vaginal rings contain two drugs, used as PrEP — these drugs are Dapivirine and Levonorgestrel.

Specialists and doctors emphasize contraception and HIV-preventative care combined, potentially is a strong weapon in the fight against HIV-infection. Vaginal rings are widely used, the ones containing only Dapivirine were already successfully tested: HIV-risk was reduced to 56% by women, who used the ring regularly. Women, who had taken part in that research said they hadn’t noticed any significant changes in their sexual lives. That fact sounds optimistically. Now, researchers wanted to improve the result of rings with Dapivirine, adding Levonorgestrel. The research will take place at the University of Alabama, women aged 18-45 will be tested during the study.

All course of the research will be under the provision of specialists, including doctors consultations, counseling and testing to reduce STIs. The research result is expected in the second half of the 2018 year.

Author: Olga Moiseeva

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