One of the main goals of Life4me+ — is to prevent new cases of HIV and other STIs, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

The app helps to establish anonym communication between physicians and HIV-positive people. It allows you to conveniently organize your medication intake timetable and set concealed and personalized reminders.

На Дальнем Востоке стартовала Всероссийская акция тестирования на ВИЧ

14 July 2017 07:33

11 июля во Владивостоке стартовала акция по тестированию на ВИЧ, организованная при поддержке Министерства здравоохранения России и РЖД. Специально оборудованный вагон проследует из столицы Приморья в Санкт-Петербург с 24 остановками в наиболее пораженных ВИЧ-инфекцией регионах. Кроме самого поезда, узнать свой ВИЧ-статус можно будет в зданиях вокзалов.


Как сообщили в региональном Центре СПИД, благодаря акции с начала недели свой статус узнали уже более 1 тыс. жителей и гостей Владивостока. Пока это самый высокий показатель, достигнутый в регионе в рамках подобных мероприятий.

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Cats can aid development of antiviral drugs for people living with HIV

HIV and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) are similar in structure and action, but the latter has features that allow it to be resistant to certain HIV drugs. This phenomenon of resistance has been studied by scientists in order to develop a drug for multidrug-resistant ...

21 March 15:19

The rate of HIV spread in Russia reached a maximum

According to the Ministry of Health, 88,600 new HIV cases were registered 2017 in Russia, and according to the other Russian authority Rospotrebnadzor (ed. “authority of epidemiology”), 104,400 cases. The difference between the two authorities was always present, since they ...

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A step forward to the vaccine against HIV

Science is moving forward, and scientists are coming closer to the solution of the mystery of the 21st century - the vaccine against HIV. This time they modified the antibodies and increased their ability to neutralize HIV-1. New modified Tri-NAb antibodies are now capable ...

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Powerful new PrEP and treatment drug should be effective as a small weekly pill

MK-8591 to be taken into HIV treatment trials with another new drug, doravirine.

14 March 13:07