One of the main goals of Life4me+ — is to prevent new cases of HIV and other STIs, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

The app helps to establish anonym communication between physicians and HIV-positive people. It allows you to conveniently organize your medication intake timetable and set concealed and personalized reminders.

19 June 2017, 07:54

Mobile App Life4me+ for iOS and Android has now new functions

Mobile App Life4me+ for iOS and Android has now new functions - picture 1

Here is the latest update for Life4me+ App and it is now available for iOS and Android.

What’s new:

- Russian users now can send local reports about interruptions in HIV drugs providing

- Interactive charts now allow to choose units of measurement for the test results

- The „repeating reminder of drug intake“ function now could be switched off if needed

1. Let’s focus on the updated functionsEvery russian user of Life4me+ App now can use a function “interruptions”  in the right upper corner of the screen. All you have to do is just to choose the needed menu punct by pressing the button located right from the “Settings”. Please note, this function is available only for the users who have chosen the Russian Federation as the current location. All the reports about problems with ARV therapy provision, including patient’s location, causes of failures in provision, names of the medicines would be transferred to Life4me+ web-portal and then they would be redirected to the complement authorities.

2. In the latest Life4me+ App version an opportunity to add units of measurement for the test result is added. To use this function you should press and hold on any of test results, after that you will see a context menu, where you could choose the needed unit of measures.

3. We have also added an opportunity to switch off the „repeating reminder of drug intake“ if needed. Now the ignored notifications could be switched off. To use this function you should choose the field “Notifications” in the punct of “Additional settings”, after that choose “0” times in the punct of reminder repeats.

We have also added an opportunity to clear out the dates of Medications reserve (Drug intake - Therapy - Drug - Change) and a final term of drug intake. Earlier there was no therapy completion date, but if the user had chosen any final term, there was no opportunity to change or edit it anymore.  

Life4me+ team keeps on making our App better for our users. We want Life4me+ App to be more comfortable in your daily life, that’s why you feedback is highly important for us.

Author: Narek Karamyan

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