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18 April 2017, 09:25

Know Your Rights: Guide For Parents Living With HIV

Know Your Rights: Guide For Parents Living With HIV - picture 1

All people have the right to make their own choices around reproduction, including becoming pregnant and having children, regardless of their HIV status.

In Canada, women living with HIV are increasingly becoming pregnant and having children. Advances in HIV treatments have resulted in the successful reduction of HIV transmission during pregnancy, at the time of childbirth as well as postpartum.

Pregnancy and parenthood are often accompanied by feelings of excitement and anticipation as well as experiences of stress and fear of the unknown. Parents living with HIV face unique stressors that are often related to decisions that may have implications for both themselves and their children. Some parents living with HIV may experience judgment and discrimination in their decisions to become pregnant and have children, making access to multiple forms of support particularly important. The presence of HIV-related stigma, however, complicates access to and experiences
of both HIV and pregnancy supports.

The resource produced by Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network for parents or prospective parents living with HIV, including women, transgender men, and non-binary people is aimed to provide
practical information and to foster knowledge about some of the key areas of concern that parents living with or affected by HIV may have.

This resource also provides legal information because many different people and organizations can provide people with information and support, but only a lawyer can give legal advice.

Feel free to download this all-in-one resource -

Author: Marina Shegay

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