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2 June 2017, 08:27

Isentress HD Once-daily Course Was Approved by the FDA

Isentress HD Once-daily Course Was Approved by the FDA - picture 1

The FDA has approved once-daily Isentress HD course, after sever studies and researches. It wouldn't be inappropriate to remind you that later twice-daily course of Isentress drug was used by the patients.

Isentress in 400 mg pills should be taken twice a day; Isentress HD in 600 mg pill only once a day. The FDA studied nearly 800 HIV-positive people for 48 weeks. Participants were divided into two groups, where Truvada was combined with Isentress or Isentress HD.


As a result of the research 89% of Isentress HD group had a fully suppressed viral load; the Isentress group 1% fewer. The FDA concluded, that tolerability and efficiency of Isentress and Isentress HD are particularly the same. Isentress HD will be available in drug stores in about a month and would be in the same price tier as Isentress.

Author: Marina Shegay

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