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7 September 2017, 08:12

#HIVHasChanged campaign has started in the UK

#HIVHasChanged campaign has started in the UK - picture 1

Today the campaign  HIVHasChanged has started in the UK. The campaign was initiated by ViiV Healthcare and the main target of the campaign is fight against the discrimination of HIV-positive people and overcoming of stigma and fear of HIV testing in the society.

The authors of the project note that despite the breakthrough achievements of science in the field of HIV treatment and prevention, the society still has a stable stigma towards HIV-positive people, fear and misunderstanding.

HIV "changed" the world and now the society should look on HIV from the other side. The campaign HIVHasChanged is dedicated to a new "vision" vivid and memorable. The official website of the campaign , is specially launched as part of the initiative, takes the form of a 10-foot floral sculpture that challenges social misconceptions about HIV. “HIV Has Changed focuses on education. Launching with a vibrant, thriving representation of HIV (that takes the form of a 10ft tall, floral sculpture), the campaign challenges common misconceptions about the condition” - write the authors.

Organizers of the campaign call on people to take a more responsible attitude to the issue of the spread of HIV. Everyone can contribute and to do this, you just need to test for HIV.

Author: Olga Moiseeva

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