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HIV-vaccine HVTN 705 trial will start this autumn

27 July 2017 10:07

At the The 9th International AIDS Society Conference  in Paris was announced that HIV-vaccine HVTN 705 trial will start this autumn. More than 2 500 south african women will participate in the research. Scientists explained that women will be given  HIV vaccine or a placebo and then followed for three years to see if it stops them becoming infected with HIV.

Janssen, the pharmaceutical company of the giant drug and health company Johnson and Johnson is the developer of the vaccine HVTN 705 and the initiators of the study.

Janssen’s Hanneke Schuitemaker told the conference that the vaccine for the new trial had been developed by Janssen during three separate trials, during which different components and combinations were trialled and the best picked.

“I feel we have reached a pivotal moment in HIV vaccine development,” - said Glenda Gray, scientist , she provided an overview at the symposium

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