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3 November 2016, 13:56

HIV Test Kits Now Sold In Vending Machines in China

HIV Test Kits Now Sold In Vending Machines in China - picture 1

The urine test kits cost approximately $4.40 and are sold next to instant noodles and other snacks at Southwest Petroleum University in Nanchong City in southwestern China. According to AsiaWire, this move signifies the Chinese government’s newfound urgency in battling HIV, which is on rapid rise among the country’s youth. There are over a half a million people living with the disease in China, according to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS.

There was a 43 percent year-over-year increase in infection rates among young students and 80 percent of those occurred from same-sex encounters, according to reports citing research from universities in Nanching City, AsiaWire reported.

HIV can be very serious as it can result in a life threatening disease called AIDS which weakens your body’s immune system to be able to fight off virus. It can be transmitted to another person through body fluids including blood and semen.

The spread of the disease is mostly observed among the young Chinese men who engage in sex with the same gender. In fact, 80% of the total infection rates happened from these same sex encounters, according to the report of AsiaWire.

The significant growth in numbers of the HIV infected patients is really alarming. Experts say that the growing problem in HIV is primarily because of the lack of sex education, and awareness about HIV and AIDS. 

Author: Marina Shegay

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