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30 May 2017, 11:14

HIV-Positive People Need Standard Dosage of Warfarin

HIV-Positive People Need Standard Dosage of Warfarin - picture 1

People with HIV-positive status are more likely to have blood clots in veins (VTW). For many years it was considered that people on ART need heavier Warfarin dosage than people who don’t have HIV-positive status.


In a study, led by a collaboration between two South African biggest Universities, the differences in Warfarin dosage between HIV-positive and HIV-negative people with acute DVT of the lower limb were discovered. A total of 234 participants living with HIV took part in the research during 2013-2015.


The investigators concluded that warfarin dosage and coagulation monitoring is the same in the routine management of HIV-infected patients as for HIV-uninfected patients, but the individual pharmacogenetic profiles should be considered while prescribing Warfarin.

Author: Marina Shegay

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