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23 May 2017, 10:02

HIV-positive People Have Higher Respiratory Diseases Risk Even With Undetectable CD4 Level

HIV-positive People Have Higher Respiratory Diseases Risk Even With Undetectable CD4 Level - picture 1

An influential study comparing the respiratory health of HIV-positive and HIV-negative people was done in London. Researchers from the Royal Free Hospital aimed to explore statistics of HIV-positive and HIV-negative people’s respiratory health compared. British scientists found that individuals with HIV-positive status are more subjected to different kinds of respiratory illnesses even with undetectable CD4 level.

About 200 HIV-negative and nearly 100 HIV-positive people have been involved in the study from the 2015 year. People of different ages, social statuses, origin, smoking/drug addiction, co-morbidities were in both groups to make the study more comprehensive.

Before the very beginning of the research, their lungs were examined as well as all the other tests, involving the respiratory system, were done. According to one of the questionnaires, used during the study, knowledge of the HIV-positive status and time ART started might be a reason of poor respiratory health. It was also noted that women and people suffering from long-term depressions are at increased risk of developing respiratory diseases, especially like breathlessness.

Scientists note more investigations are needed to find how HIV-infection correlates with respiratory illnesses. Now they only may suppose, that Lung diseases, as well as Cardiovascular diseases, often starts just before ART starts, manifesting in further respiratory complications after therapy has been started.

Author: Marina Shegay

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