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23 May 2017, 14:01

HIV-medications usage increases the level of people’s responsibility

HIV-medications usage increases the level of people’s responsibility - picture 1

HIV-medications usage increases the level of people’s responsibility


People living with HIV on ART (PLHIV on ART) have a lower risk of drug abuse, 20 years long study says. Researchers suggest, the main reason is the increased social responsibility level of such PLHIV on ART.

Persons who intake their ART drugs every day for many years remember how much they do to stay healthy, so such individuals would not damage their health just to have simultaneous fun with the help of drugs. To say it in the other way - such people do too much for their health to lose or damage it so quickly.


Scientists and HIV-activists do a lot to improve the adherence level by HIV-positive people. Every patient is unique and has his own individual interests and peculiarities in behavior - so it is not possible for everyone to reach higher adherence level by using the similar ways of propaganda.

In the study, the investigators examined the stories of nearly 20 000 people in Europe and Africa, to find the most common barriers for the adherence level increase. It is not possible to find the strategy suitable for everyone, but the scientists need more data to improve the level of adherence. Depression or alcohol/drug abuse appeared as the most frequent reasons for low adherence level. An addicted person or a person who suffers from the depression can forget about regular drug intake, be away from home and e.c.t.

There are various reasons of irregular drug intake: people may forget about drug consumption; to take pills from home on a weekend or vacation; for some people the idea of regular drug intake at the same time every day, seems very difficult. Scientists stress that pharmacological and social networks should do more to increase the adherence level, by sending text-messages, installing different apps with notifications, asking relatives/friends to remind the patient about drug intake and so on.


Only together we can be stronger that the epidemic.




Author: Olga Moiseeva

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