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8 February 2021, 14:00

How much do COVID-19 vaccinations cost?

How much do COVID-19 vaccinations cost? - picture 1

In December 2020, Belgium's State Secretary for Budget and Consumer Services, Eva de Bleeker, accidentally posted the prices of coronavirus vaccines on Twitter. The tweet was soon deleted, citing trade secret agreements with suppliers, but the information was subsequently leaked to the media. The tweet contained information about the cost of each vaccine and the total budget for manufacturers, reports Kommersant. collated the available information and has compiled a price rating for the currently available COVID-19 vaccinations, though it should be noted these prices can and do change by region and contract.

  1. Moderna (USA). Topping our list of most expensive vaccines is the American Moderna vaccine coming in at $25 to $37 per dose. Based on a two-dose vaccination programme the total cost could be from $50 - $74 (£36/€41 - £54/€61).
  2. Pfizer BioNTech (USA/Germany) Our second place goes to another mRNA vaccine in the joint USA-German partnership. The price listed was $19.50 a dose, so a two-dose vaccination would cost $39/£28/€32.
  3. Sputnik V (Russia). The Russian vaccine, which hasn’t seen widespread use outside of its home country comes in at $10 per dose, so $20/£14/€16 based on two-doses.
  4. Johnson & Johnson (USA). This single-dose vaccine has just been put forward for FDA approval and comes in at $8.50/£6.20/€7.
  5. AstraZeneca (UK). Developed by the Anglo-Swedish firm and Oxford University this vaccine is the cheapest on our list with both doses coming in at £4.39/€5/$6.

We also know that the German firm CureVac intends to register their vaccine in Summer 2021 and is expected to cost around €10-12 or £8.79-10.55 / $12.04-$14.45.

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Author: Tom Hayes

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