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22 June 2017, 10:21

Clinics in Santa-Cruz Start Vaccination for Hepatitis A

Clinics in Santa-Cruz Start Vaccination for Hepatitis A - picture 1

Hepatitis A spread keeps growing in the United States, that’s why Santa Cruz County health officials started a program of vaccination for Hepatitis A. The virus reported all around the country.

“We are partnering with the community to ensure the people most at risk, particularly the homeless, have access to the hepatitis A vaccine. We’ve increased our outreach to vulnerable populations and have worked to make information available. We are strongly encouraging people who are at risk to check with their health care providers and get vaccinated for hepatitis A. “Those most at risk include travelers to areas with high or intermediate rates of endemic Hepatitis A; men who have sex with men; users of injection and non-injection illegal drugs; persons with clotting factor disorders; and household members or caregivers of persons infected with Hepatitis A,”  - said Arnold S. Leff, MD, Santa Cruz County Public Health Officer

The vaccine will be available in county clinics for everyone, even for people without medical insurance. Specialists also note that such simple measures as regular handwashing, vaccination for Hepatitis A, using of own personal hygiene means, non-sharing of food/drinks/cigarettes, are a way of preventive care and protection for Hepatitis A virus.

Author: Narek Karamyan

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