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11 May 2017, 15:42

ARV drugs extend HIV-positive man’s life at least for 10 years

ARV drugs extend HIV-positive man’s life at least for 10 years - picture 1

In Europe and USA was noted an increase of life length at average for 10 years. We owe such a great criteria to modern medications and ARV drugs. The lancet medical journal published the research, that stated , HIV-positive people could live as long as people without HIV-virus.

The research illustrates how HIV treatments improved with screening, prevention and treatment of health problems associated with HIV infection, they can extend the lifespan.

18 European and North American were analyzed during the study between 1996 and 2010.
Fewer people who started treatment between 2008-2010 died during their first three years of treatment than those who started treatment between 1996-2007.

The WHO recommends ART once HIV’s diagnosed to all HIV-positive people to save their lives.

Author: Narek Karamyan

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