One of the main goals of Life4me+ — is to prevent new cases of HIV and other STIs, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

The app helps to establish anonym communication between physicians and HIV-positive people. It allows you to conveniently organize your medication intake timetable and set concealed and personalized reminders.

11 August 2017, 07:43

A new ’Help’ in the Life4me+ app for HIV-positive people

A new ’Help’ in the Life4me+ app for HIV-positive people - picture 1

We barely touched the app fixed new things. This Friday, on August 11, a new version of the Life4me+ app for HIV-positive people became available in Google Play and Apple App Store.

A new ’Help’ button, placed on the top of the main screen, contains HIV/AIDS Hotlines contacts sorted by region. We aspired to make it a reliable resource so checked every hotline on HIV treatment and prevention, psychological and legal support, for women, adolescents, drug users and all those who are in a crisis. At this time Hotlines are available only for EECA Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

Another significant update is the «role» function for your Doctor. Now the Life4me+ app allows you to split the profiles of healthcare providers. ’Doctor’, ’Social worker’ and ’Psychologist’ roles becomes highlighted and displayed at the top of the screen when you open the page of each of the added doctors.

Also, some minor improvements were added and bugs were fixed.

Stay tuned!

Author: Lilia Ten

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