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17 липня 2014, 23:00

ЮНОДК объявило грантовую программу для поддержки инициатив ВИЧ-сервисных НКО, работающих с ПИН

ЮНОДК объявило грантовую программу для поддержки инициатив ВИЧ-сервисных НКО, работающих с ПИН - зображення 1

Apply for HIV Grants for Civil Society Organizations



This Call for Proposals seeks to provide funding support to civil society organizations working in the area of harm reduction. The proposals should aim at strategic initiatives addressing HIV prevention, treatment, care and support among people who inject drugs.

Grant funding under this Call for Proposals shall be provided to proposals that:

- are focused on HIV prevention and/or treatment and/or care and/or support among people who inject drugs. This is assessed on the basis of how well the proposed activities are contributing to achieving the UNGASS target of working towards reducing transmission of HIV among people who inject drugs by 50 per cent by 2015;

- support the active participation of drug user communities;

- have an international reach (regional or global);

- are initiated, planned, managed, implemented, monitored and/or evaluated by community based organizations.

Grants may be awarded either for self-contained activities or for activities which are a component of a larger project. If other funds are required for implementing the project please provide evidence of the secured funding up front.

Furthermore, funds will not normally be given to support travel, meetings, conferences or similar gatherings.

Please note that all activities financed by this Grants programme must be new interventions, that would not be able to take place without the funding securing though the Grants award.

More detailed information about the eligibility and selection criteria can be found from the official Call for Proposals document.


Only bona fide institutions will be considered (not commercial operations). A copy of the registration of the institution with the relevant Government department should be submitted with the application, to document that the organization works on a not for profit basis.

Applicants should be organizations or institutions who demonstrate prior experience of implementing activities in the area of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support among people who use drugs. Furthermore, applicants should have the needed capability to administer the grant.

Size Of Awards

Any grant awarded under this grants programme will be for a maximum of USD 60,000, but generally not under USD 5,000. Every grant over US$ 10,000 will be distributed in more than one instalment based on the cash flow requirement of the proposal. All applications with different budgetary needs will be considered. However, value for money will be assessed as a part of the rating criteria.

Selection Of Projects To Be Funded

The final selection will be made by HIV/AIDS Section on the basis of the criteria outlined in the Call for Proposals , as well as an endorsement by the relevant UNODC Field Office and the UNODC Committee on Grants and External Engagement at Headquarters in Vienna.


Applicants should fill in the HIV grant proposal summary and the HIV grant proposal budget , and submit them together with the copy of a registration certificate to HIV/AIDS Section, to the email address [email protected] no later than 20 August 2014 midnight ( GMT+2 hours).

Only duly filled applications sent within the deadline will be considered for funding.

For any further questions on how to apply please contact the UNODC HIV/AIDS Section via email [email protected]


Organizations and institutions benefiting from the HIV grant scheme will be required to sign a formal Agreement with the UNODC. The template of this agreement is available for information here (LINK).

In general, organizations and institutions benefitting from HIV grant will be required to submit a comprehensive report, both narrative and financial, on completion of the activities financed by their grant. Moreover, the grants awarded through UNODC are subject to audit in accordance with standard United Nations procedures. For this purpose, records of expenditures (such as invoices, purchase orders and payroll records) must be kept for a period of three years following the completion of activities.

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