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13 ноября 2013, 00:00

Трава Tashack как потенциальное лекарство от ВИЧ/СПИД

Трава Tashack как потенциальное лекарство от ВИЧ/СПИД - изображение 1

Upcoming HIV Functional Cure

The National Institute for Medicine Research or NIMR and Ministry of Health in Tanzania announced an upcoming cure currently in the final stages of clinical trials after its positive development. This upcoming cure came from an herb called Tashack, which apparently treated 90 patients with HIV/AIDS.

The research began since 2004 for its medicinal properties and so far, 90 patients have been treated and reportedly living healthier.

"Tashack is more effective in reducing the high viral load, fighting opportunistic diseases but increases body immunity and leaves the body stronger," Dr. Hamis Malebo, principal research scientist and head of Department of Traditional Medicine Research for NIMR said to an exclusive interview with Sunday News quoted by All Africa.

"The research has now reached a stage where the researchers are considering whether to declare it a cure for HIV/AIDS. We consider the search has been conducted for long enough time to remove any fear of side effects because we have never seen any," he added.

More than 6000 users of the Tashack herb and 90 among them are progressively getting well ever since the 1990 clinical trials of the herb.. However, Dr. Malebo said it was too early to compare its effectiveness with antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) currently used worldwide.

But in contrast, he also explained that the herb has no known side effect to the vital organs of the body such as liver, blood, kidney or any other while keeping the body stronger.

Tashack Herb: First Functional Cure

Tashack herb is now undergoing its final stages before reaching the market as a functional cure against HIV/AIDS. Some of its medical properties and benefits have been revealed by Dr .Malebo:

- Highly reduces viral load in the system

- Strengthens the CD4 white blood cells of the immune system

- Promotes overall good health condition

- No known side effects to vital organs or organ systems

- Manages opportunistic diseases which affect HIV patients

Research is still ongoing regarding the volunteers who were treated of the HIV and since 2004, NMIR has engaged to other research institutions such as Tashack research by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research of South Africa and University of Basel of Switzerland.

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