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29 мая 2014, 23:00

Инновация в контрацепции: создан презерватив совершенно новой конструкции.

Инновация в контрацепции: создан презерватив совершенно новой конструкции. - изображение 1

An American has invented a new condom which he says is stronger, safer and enables better sensitivity.

The Galatic Cap Pregnancy Prevention device sits on the very tip of the penis, leaving the shaft exposed.

It was developed by LA-based Charles Powell after a friend of his contracted HIV.

He believes his product is "easier to use, safer and more secure - and vastly more pleasurable - giving a sex sensation the way nature intended."

The condom comprises two parts - a U-shape polyurethane adhesive film that wraps around the penis - like a plaster around a finger - and a cap that sticks to it to firmly trap semen.

Mr Powell claims the polyurethane part is like a second skin - and can be put on hours or days in advance as it can be worn while urinating and washing.

When a man wants to have sex, he peels off the paper backing on the cap and sticks it to the polyurethane to securely bond the two and trap semen.

He insists the device, which is transparent, will stay on for the duration.

Mr Powell believes his product provides a solution to three common issues with condoms: a lack of sensitivity, problems getting into the packaging and applying the condom.

He also maintains that traditional products have a failure rate of up to 18 per cent due tto breakage or improper usage.

"The reservoir cap is thicker and stronger than a traditional condom and is less likely to break or fail."

But critics have pointed out that the device will not provide protection from STIs such as herpes, which can be transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact.

Jason Warriner, clinical director of the sexual health charity Terence Higgins Trust, told MailOnline:

"This will not prevent the spread of conditions such as HIV or herpes as the whole penis is not covered."

"It may be suitable for a couple in a long-term relationship but not as a barrier to STIs."

"There is also the risk that the cap may leak, exposing semen."

As of June 1, the company will be crowdfunding to raise funds for development and FDA approval.

Some have even hailed as it as condom solution for the porn industry as it leaves much of the shaft uncovered.

It is estimated that in 2012, 18.5 billion condoms were sold worldwide. This is expected to increase to 27 billion units by next year, with the market worth $6bn.

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