Üks Life4me+ peamiseid eesmärke on uute HIVi- ja muude sugulisel teel levivate nakkuste juhtumite, nagu ka C-hepatiiti ja tuberkuloosi nakatumise ennetamine.

Nutirakendus aitab luua kontakti arstide ja HIV positiivsete inimeste vahel. Nutirakendus aitab mugavalt organiseerida ravimite võtmise aegu, seadistada ainult Teile arusaadavad ja personaalseid meeldetuletusi, võimaldab saada arstilt tagasisidet ning panna aega vastuvõtule või analüüsidele.

DIY faecal transplants carry risks including HIV and hepatitis

Faecal transplants have been used in medical settings to tackle superbugs, but following YouTube videos at home is too risky, say researchers.

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Gilead's total revenues were $26.1 billion in 2017

For the fourth quarter 2017, Gilead Sciences total revenues were $5.9 billion. For the full year 2017, total revenues were $26.1 billion. HIV and HBV product sales for the full year 2017 were $14.2 billion. Genvoya represents the most successful HIV launch in the U.S. and ...

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Key vaginal bacteria identified that increase HIV risk in women

Women's risk of HIV significantly associated with key bacteria and their abundance in the vagina.

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Experimental Drug Kills Flu Virus in a Single Day

Shionogi developed baloxavir marboxil by leveraging discoveries made in anti-HIV drugs, targeting a different kind of enzyme and preventing cells from susceptibility to virus infection in the first place.

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UNAIDS calls for urgent action to avert crisis in South Sudan

Only 10% of people living with HIV in the country are on life-saving antiretroviral therapy. The conflict has weakened HIV services and host countries often cannot provide for the influx of refugees.

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Trump’s Budget Cut for HIV/AIDS Would Kill 300,000 People Per Year

That’s the human cost of President Donald Trump’s proposal to cut $1 billion cut from global HIV funding in 2019, a 20% reduction from current levels, according to a report by the ONE campaign. And it comes just when American-led efforts are paying off, and the global tide ...

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Burberry launches collection to support LGBTQ+ charities

Burberry is best known for their iconic check print, which will be getting a rather bright makeover in their February 2018 collection. Burberry president Christopher Bailey said: “My final collection here at Burberry is dedicated to and in support of – some of the best and ...

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WHO provides health advice for travellers to Olympics

The risk of infection with HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis B virus and other sexually transmitted infections is primarily limited to travellers engaging in sexual risk behaviours, especially unprotected sex.

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HIV prevention drug Truvada to be publicly funded in New Zealand

Pharmac estimates up to 4,000 people with a high risk of contracting HIV will be eligible for a drug to prevent infection with the virus which the Government's drug buying agency will now fund. New Zealand will be one of the first countries in the world to publicly fund ...

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Kenneth Cole Steps Down as amfAR Chairman

Kenneth Cole is stepping down as amfAR chairman, the designer announced Wednesday night at the charity's annual gala in New York.

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