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17 mai 2017, 13:34

New method that possibly can eliminate HIV and Cancer

New method that possibly can eliminate HIV and Cancer - poză 1

ARV therapy can suppress the HIV-virus spreading in blood, ARV therapy can make te viral load undetectable, but unfortunately it can’t reach HIV-virus, hidden in reservoirs.

That type of reservoirs are “sleeping” and are not active while a person with HIV uses ART therapy, but when he has no possibility to continue his drug intake, hidden reservoirs “wake up” so that their activity destroy T-cells.

For many years the question of ART drugs ability to find that hidden reservoirs remains without an answer. Now, the enzyme which is able to eliminate HIV in so called hidden reservoirs is found. The enzyme is called SMYD2 and it’s discovery seems to be a serious breakthrough in finding HIV-cure.

The research of the scientists from the Gladstone University was published in Cell-Host&Microbe , was dedicated to methyltransferases enzymes. More than 50 various types of methyltransferases enzymes were analyzed to see which of them could “wake up and kill” hidden HIV-reservoirs in T-cells. SMYD2 enzyme reached that aim.

Researches like that are interesting not only for HIV-specialists but also for oncologists, cause these two diseases have much in common in it’s treatment. Enzymes like SMYD2 can suppress latent HIV-virus and here we may also note now strong HIV and cancer treatment are connected with each other. It is obvious, that it is not the first research like that.

For example, we can remind the latest study on ABX464, antiviral molecule, patented by Abivax company. In ABX464 study 30 HIV-positive men took patr. they were divided into two groups - one of them was given ABX464, the other one placebo.

First group, which was given the real medication showed wonderful results - over 25% of HIV DNA decrease. Great result of studies like that gives us hope to find HIV cure by 2020.

Autor: Olga Moiseeva

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