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4 agosto 2017, 14:55

Monthly Injections Can Become Alternative to ARV Drugs

Monthly Injections Can Become Alternative to ARV Drugs - foto 1

the results of the research, which were represented at the International AIDS Society meeting in France shows that instead of daily ARV drugs intake, a person with HIV positive status could have an injection with all the needed antiretroviral drugs once a month.

The Lancet journal also published the results of two-year study and the viral load of a group taking pills every day, a group received monthly injection and a group received injections every two months were similar to each other with the average of 83% of efficiency with the similar side effects like diarrhea and headache.

Now the III phase of trial is needed to confirm the results.

“This study shows us that we now have a new tool for managing HIV. Whether the new injectable option will become a widespread popular form of HIV management or will cater to more of a niche market only time can tell.” said Dr. Mark Boyd, who co-authored an accompanying journal editorial.

Autor: Olga Moiseeva

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