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30 août 2018, 09:52

Pharmacies in Finland began to sell rapid tests for HIV

Pharmacies in Finland began to sell rapid tests for HIV - photo 1

In Finland, kits for testing HIV for blood drop, which can be used at home, were on sale. To get the result you need only wait 15 minutes.

It is reported that the express test is certified by the EU and fairly reliable. On the Internet it can be purchased for 40 euros.

In Finland, 160-180 new cases of HIV transmission are detected every year. More often than not, HIV "comes" from Thailand, Russia and Spain.

In South Karelia, Russia's border region, in 2016, all those diagnosed with HIV were over 70 years old. It is believed that most of the HIV-positive people were infected in Russia.

In June, the Finns conducted a campaign on the border with Russia, under which anyone could get tested for HIV free of charge.

In Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu there are special points where natives and immigrants can do an express HIV test for free.

Auteur: Ivan Shangin

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