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7 juin 2017, 08:55

New TB Vaccine May Appear Recently

New TB Vaccine May Appear Recently - photo 1

Scientists from the Dartmouth University, USA, completed their research on TB vaccine DAR-901. The vaccine showed good results in two studies of TB prevention in the earliest infection stages.

In the first stage of the study patients were divided into two groups; patients received the current TB vaccine - Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) followed by new DAR-901 or by the second dose of BCG. Those who had received current TB vaccine followed by DAR-901 had reached better TB protection.

On the second stage of the preclinical study DAR-901 was given to those, who had already received BCG vaccine at birth. Three dose series of DAR-901 vaccine was well tolerated by the patients, who received it.

New vaccine seems to be very effective and it has all the chances to become widely-used as well as the original BCG vaccine. That’s why researches are going to see how the DAR-901 vaccine would work in the large study, they are planning to lead in Tanzania. The aim of the tanzanian research is to see how effective DAR-901 is as a preventative measure, before any symptoms of TB appear.

“We are very pleased with the results of these two studies. “They represent major milestones on the path to approval of DAR‑901 and the global fight against tuberculosis.” - Ford von Reyn, principal investigator for the DAR-901 study, commented the results of the research.

Auteur: Olga Moiseeva

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