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10 oktoober 2017, 14:33

UNAIDS launches Coalition to step up commitment to HIV prevention

UNAIDS launches Coalition to step up commitment to HIV prevention - pilt 1

The Coalition will launch a HIV Prevention 2020 Road Map containing commitments and milestones, which will be reported on annually until 2020. The Road Map will form the basis of a country-led movement to scale up HIV prevention programmes as part of the commitment to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030, International HIV/AIDS Alliance reports.

To ensure civil society representation from multiple countries in these plans, the Alliance held a meeting in August with members of civil society including Alliance Linking Organisations and partners to share and discuss their HIV prevention needs and goals. The outcomes of this meeting, as well as UNAIDS country consultations in 20 Fast Track countries were used to develop the Road Map.

International HIV/AIDS Alliance believes that a community-led response is integral to achieving the HIV prevention goal of reducing new infections by 75% (from 2010 figures) by 2020. Alongside this, we believe a person-centred approach to HIV programming, and a combination approach to HIV prevention is vital.

The Coalition launch in Geneva will generate discussions about how we can strengthen leadership and accountability for HIV prevention, as well as how we move from commitment to action, as set out in the Road Map. We champion this renewed commitment to prioritise prevention in the global HIV response.

Autor: Ivan Shangin

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