Üks Life4me+ peamiseid eesmärke on uute HIVi- ja muude sugulisel teel levivate nakkuste juhtumite, nagu ka C-hepatiiti ja tuberkuloosi nakatumise ennetamine.

Nutirakendus aitab luua kontakti arstide ja HIV positiivsete inimeste vahel. Nutirakendus aitab mugavalt organiseerida ravimite võtmise aegu, seadistada ainult Teile arusaadavad ja personaalseid meeldetuletusi, võimaldab saada arstilt tagasisidet ning panna aega vastuvõtule või analüüsidele.

The Berlin patient rallies public to support HIV research funding

Timothy Ray Brown remains optimistic that the scientific and medical communities can and will achieve this if properly funded.

19 jaanuar 14.55

Fresh approach to tuberculosis vaccine offers better protection

Researchers use a weakened form of cytomegalovirus, or CMV, which infects most people without causing disease. They wove tiny bits of a disease-causing pathogen into the CMV. This re-engineered CMV creates and maintains a high state of immunity against the pathogen in vaccinated ...

19 jaanuar 08.46

Researchers Consider Hepatitis C Vertical Transmission Rates

The primary source of HCV infection in children is vertical, or mother-to-child, transmission, which occurs in 5% to 10% of at-risk pregnancies. The majority of at-risk pregnant women with chronic HCV acquired the disease through drug use.

18 jaanuar 16.07

New multipurpose device to help prevent HIV and pregnancy

RTI-lead team will develop an implant providing long-acting contraception and HIV prevention--the Subcutaneous Contraceptive and HIV Implant Engineered for Long-Acting Delivery (SCHIELD) device. SCHIELD will offer dual protection and be discrete, simple to administer and ...

18 jaanuar 14.40

Updated Life4me application is now available

The updated version of the Life4me + mobile application has been released. Now it is not only for people living with HIV but for everyone who cares about their health.

18 jaanuar 11.21

Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Higher When Mother Has Other STIs

The research found the highest risk, by a significant margin, came when the mother was co-infected with cytomegalovirus.

17 jaanuar 16.16

Mathilde Krim, AIDS research pioneer, dies at 91

Krim, founding chairman of amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, devoted her life to the fight against HIV/AIDS, in particular raising the public's awareness of the devastating disease according to her obituary.

17 jaanuar 11.19

NGOs worldwide are invited to take part in a film competition Footstep Counts

The competition Every Footstep Counts aims to showcase and celebrate the successes community partners are making worldwide that are integral to end mother-to-child transmission and paediatric HIV. Two winners will be awarded an unrestricted grant of $10,000.

17 jaanuar 10.14

Morocco hosts Global Summit on intellectual property and access to medicines

Community representatives, governments, civil society, academics, experts and international agencies will convene in Marrakech to look at the impact of international trade rules on the lives and health of millions of people across the globe.

16 jaanuar 09.55

George Michael secretly donated $500,000 to HIV charity

George Michael secretly donated $500,000 to HIV charity. The late George Michael donated over $500,000 to an HIV charity after his former lover died from the disease.

15 jaanuar 16.37