Una de las mayores metas de Life4me+ — prevenir nuevos casos de VIH y otras ITS, hepatitis C y tuberculosis.

El app ayuda a establecer una comunicación anónima entre médicos y personas vih+. Te permite organizar tu horario de toma de tratamiento de manera conveniente y fijar recordatorios personalizados que se pueden ocultar.

26 mayo 2017, 15:59


PrEP17 - imagen 1

HIV/AIDS theme is inexhaustible. There also remains a lot to speak about. The epidemic means a lot for the UK, especially for England. The majority of British people feel patient to HIV-positive people, they always would like to know more about the epidemic and the ways of its treatment or prevention.


In continuation of our previous post, we want to tell you something about PrEP17 film, made by Nicholas Feustel, co-founder of Georgetown Media. It is the second part of the first film with the same name of PrEP, which was released two years ago.


The second part of the movie is about progress in HIV-preventative care, how to use PrEP and where you could get/buy it, volunteers of Positive East and Elton John AIDS Foundation, HIV- activists, PrEP users, and doctors.

Autor: Olga Moiseeva

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