Una de las mayores metas de Life4me+ — prevenir nuevos casos de VIH y otras ITS, hepatitis C y tuberculosis.

El app ayuda a establecer una comunicación anónima entre médicos y personas vih+. Te permite organizar tu horario de toma de tratamiento de manera conveniente y fijar recordatorios personalizados que se pueden ocultar.

31 mayo 2017, 08:52

Life4me+ App Latest Update for iOS and Android

Life4me+ App Latest Update for iOS and Android - imagen 1

After you download the latest Life4me+ version, you can use the new and updated functions of Life4me+ App.

What’s New:

  • You can set repeating drug intake reminder
  • You can set aside the actual drug intake notification

We are constantly improving our App, in order to meet needs and demands of our users in their daily life. That’s why we  take into account your reviews. Your reviews inspired us to add the repeating reminders. The majority of our users find that kind of function very important, if they couldn’t follow the first reminder. Now you can set up the repeating reminder and how many times it will be repeated.

We have also added a button “Later” in addition to the repeating reminder. That means, that now Life4me+ users can delay the repeating reminder  for a certain period of time.

Life4me+ team keeps on making our App better for our users. We want Life4me+ App to be more comfortable in your daily life, that’s why you feedback is highly important for us.


Autor: Lilia Ten

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