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28 agosto 2017, 07:11

HIV is not AIDS

HIV is not AIDS - imagen 1

The term AIDS is often falsely used for all HIV-positive people. Those people who don’t know enough about the peculiarities of HIV treat HIV-positive people badle. We shouldn’t forget the fact that people living with HIV are not dangerous for the society and their loved ones in daily life. Unfortunately, two terms “HIV” and “AIDS” were treated wrongly some decades ago, and now we have the mix of these two words in the minds of people who don’t know much about the virus.

HIV is human’s immunodeficiency virus that, with effective antiviral therapy, can be suppressed almost to zero. In such a situation, an HIV-positive person is considered to be practically healthy, the quality of his life does not decrease.

Life with HIV under constant treatment is simply the same as life with HIV-negative status!

AIDS is a syndrome of acquired human immunodeficiency and can develop only in HIV-positive people. The virus gradually, for many years, destroys the immune system, and AIDS becomes as a result of its depletion.

Mostly AIDS appears because of late testing and diagnosing, for years people stay untested and untreated, and finally, when they came to the medical facility, they already have such a diagnosis.

AIDS is terminal, it is the very last stage of HIV, and it is impossible to get AIDS!

HIV and AIDS are far from being equivalent; they can not replace each other. Mistakes often appear because of the lack of enough information and education in this area.

Autor: Lilia Ten

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