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31 agosto 2018, 12:30

FDA approved two new drugs for HIV treatment

FDA approved two new drugs for HIV treatment - imagen 1

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two new drugs for HIV treatment. This happened two months earlier than originally planned. The drugs are suitable for the treatment of adults with the most common strains of the virus and patients who have not received treatment before, Reuters reports with reference to the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co Inc.

The first drug is Delstrigo. It is available as a single tablet once a day and is a combination of Doravirin (100 mg) + Tenofovir Dizoproxil Fumarate (300 mg) + Lamivudine (300 mg). The FDA does not recommend taking the drug to people with hepatitis B, as this can worsen your health.

Pifeltro, the second drug, contains Doravirin (100 mg) and is intended for use in combination with other medicines for HIV treatment.

The pharmaceutical company Merck hopes to start distributing both drugs within a month.

Autor: Marina Shegay

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