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2 agosto 2017, 08:15

42 Bisexual and Gay Men Were Arrested in Nigeria During a HIV Awareness Event

42 Bisexual and Gay Men Were Arrested in Nigeria During a HIV Awareness Event - imagen 1

Dozens of gay and bisexual men have been arrested in Lagos, Nigeria for attending an HIV awareness event last week. The event was dedicated to the ways of HIV testing, preventative care and treatment. Actually, the event was attended not only by gay and bisexual men, but also by men with traditional sexual orientation. lately Lagos state police confirmed the arrest of more than 40 HIV activists.

All the events and activities of LGBT communities have been banned in the region of Central Africa since the year 2014. Non-standard sexual activities are subjected to legal prosecution and people with non-traditional sexual behaviour are treated very aggressive by the police and society. Now HIV activists are waiting for the trial, that could be up to 14 years in prison and public whippings.

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS reported Nigeria is one of the leaders of HIV epidemic in the World - more than 3.5 million people were registered as HIV-positive in 2015.

"These men were trying to save their lives and make their country better by preventing the spread of HIV," said Alimi, a Nigerian LGBT rights activist.

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