To use Life4me + app you must register.

Click on "Registration".

  • Step 1: The system will assign you an anonymous login and prompt you to enter your password (minimum 6 characters).
  • Step 2: Select security questions and answers. If you forget your username or password, security questions will help you recover them.
  • Step 3: Fill out a questionnaire. Questionnaire is fully anonymous and for statistical purposes only. No personal data will be collected.

You have been registered and can use the app.

You can establish contact with a doctor at any time convenient for you.

To communicate with a doctor you need to do the following:

  • Click on "Add a doctor".
  • The system will provide a random digital code.
  • Tell a doctor the code in person or on the phone (which is not recommended, but is allowed).
  • Your doctor will tell you a response digital code.
  • Put the response digital code into the mobile app.

Now you are connected with your doctor.

If your doctor does not know about Life4me+ yet, but you want to connect through the app, ask him to sign up in our system.

If you are a doctor or medical staff working with HIV-positive people, and want to use our system to interact with a user, you must register.

Fill out the registration form and click "Registration".

We will verify you within 2-3 days and give you access to the system.

The more detailed you fill out the registration form, the faster the verification process.

After successful verification you will receive a confirmation e-mail and thus - access to the system.

You can add users who are under your observation.

They will be shown not by name, but by a combination of numbers that will ensure their anonymity, if someone would gain access to this data.

To add a new user, you must enter the digital code provided by the user into the "request code" field.

The system generates a response code, and you will pass it back to the user.

After the user enters this code, you will be connected with each other.

For your convenience and in order to find the user quickly, you can sort the list by gender and age.

You can enter, edit and monitor lab data entered by the user or by yourself.

Also in "Recommendations" you can send the user therapy you recommend. You can choose between main and supplemental therapy. The main therapy - is ART, and supplemental - this is when you recommend drugs other than ART, such as vitamins etc.

Through the system, you can set an appointment time or blood test.

History of drug intake can be observed on the "Medications" tab.

On the "Health" tab, you can enter, edit and monitor data on the user's weight, blood pressure, height, neck / chest / waist / hip measurements, other diseases, allergies, special tests for hypersensitivity to abacavir, tropism test or resistance to ARVs.