Race to support children living with HIV

27 October 2021 - 01 December 2021

The race is over!

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6864 km

/ 6864 km

About the race

6864KM = €10 000

The race to support children living with HIV will kick off on October 27th at 17:45 GMT at the opening ceremony of the 18th European AIDS Conference held at ExCeL London. The race will end 36 days later on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan on World AIDS Day – December 1st 2021.

The aim of the race is to raise the level of public awareness and understanding around the problems faced by children and adolescents living with HIV in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Funds raised will also to provide support for a camp for Russian-speaking children living with HIV.

The distance from London to Lake Issyk-Kul is 6864 kilometres (4265 miles). Participants are not being asked to donate their own money to the race, but to “earn” it. For each kilometre that a participant runs, ride a wheelchair, or walks 1 euro will be added to the race’s piggy bank.
1km = 1€. If the final distance is reached by December 1st, 2021, the total donation fund will be rounded up to a total of 10,000 euros.

Anyone can take part in the race, regardless of what country they live in, you can run, ride a wheelchair, or walk the distance anywhere. But each participant will be able to enter their result only once. Once you have walked or ran your kilometre(s) you should pass the baton to another participant via social media or by e-mail – keeping the race going.

The more kilometres a participant walks or runs and the more people they encourage to participate in the race, the more money will be in the piggy bank. The more money we raise helps us increase awareness of the lives and problems of children living with HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Race statistics

Distance traveled

6864 km

/ 6864 km
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United Kingdom




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1st place

Егор Казанцев
42.195 km


2nd place

42.195 km


3rd place

Бакыт Шукуралиев
42.195 km


4th place

Igor Shirokov
42.195 km


5th place

42.195 km


6th place

Shu M
42.195 km


7th place

Alexey Slastihin
42.195 km


8th place

Сладенький Пирожочек
42.195 km


9th place

42.195 km


10th place

Yer555 Yer555
42.195 km


About the organisation

Summer camps for children and adolescents living with HIV are held annually by the Svetlana Izambayeva Charitable Foundation. The foundation was created in 2008 by well-known activist, and the first woman to openly talk about her HIV status in Russia, Svetlana Izambayeva and her husband. The Foundation helps women, children and adolescents living with HIV or affected by HIV infection, and also conducts awareness-raising activities for professionals and other youth groups.

The idea of the summer camp grew out of training sessions for children and parents, which were held within the walls of the AIDS centre in Kazan by Svetlana Izambayeva and Ekaterina Stepanova (infectious disease doctor, candidate of medical sciences). Starting in 2017, the first camp for children living with HIV took place. These incredible events have been held annually, and 2021 was no exception. This year alone 70 people, including 36 young boys and girls (aged 11 to 20), parents and specialists from different parts of Russia gathered once again to teach adolescents how to live well with HIV, to embrace their diagnosis and cope with stigma.

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